I learned at a very tender age that there are two kinds of people in this world: givers and takers. The takers accept life on its own terms. They go after what they want putting their self- interest above all else. They tend to be competitive and perceive their lives as a game that is won or lost on a day-to-day basis. They use their personal power and their mind to seek an advantage in every way possible. On one thought, is this not the way the world has always been?

The givers on the other hand are a different breed of people altogether. They are here to make a difference. Their brand of leadership is heart centered, deeply caring about humanity and the potential of each individual. From deep within their soul they know they came into this life to help others and to leave a legacy behind for others to build on.

Since you are reading this blog it would be easy for me to assume that you are the latter. You are a heart -centered leader, or at least a person who is leading a life from your heart and not from your head. I’m sure that I do not have to tell you that the universe is no picnic or a day at the beach. It fiercely reflects back whatever we put out.

Whatever is in truth with the purest intention is reflected back with the beautiful things in life. Whatever is not in truth is likewise instantly reflected back. In other words, the old adage “as within so without” is continuously being reflected back to us everyday and all days of our lives.

Many times in life we stumble along the way. The mind that we’ve worked so hard to transform is frequently our worst enemy. It is reasonable to ask yourself “ how could my mind possibly be my worst enemy after I’ve done so much work on myself and invested so much time and money on my own evolution?”

Many people make a firm resolution to be positive in all areas of life. In other words they make up their mind to see the gift in every situation no matter how upsetting. The problem is, they are unable to sustain it.

It is the same mind that set the intention to be positive.  However, under stress it would say that your dreams are hopeless and that you will never get what you want. This happens to leaders and followers in all walks of life.

A divided mind is the destroyer of destinies. In reality, it causes you to give up, and this negativity kicks in as you closely approach the manifestation of your goal.

Neuroscience has recently proven that your brain is programmed for survival. It looks continuously for what is wrong. It is only interested in how your vision, generosity and purest intention can blow up in your face. In other words, it sincerely wants to protect you by constantly asking the question, “how are you going to get hurt from this?”

Accordingly, all the millions of hours and dollars being spent to fix the mind is dubious at best. The reason is because your mind is not who you really are. You are much greater than all your thoughts and feelings combined.

Would you be interested in mastering your mind? In order to do this you must become integrated in body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. This is known as heart centered living. Above and beyond everything you’re thinking and everything you’re feeling is the real you.

For most people, to consciously live from this place is the task of a lifetime. Those who are willing to master the skills in order to lead from the heart have a huge advantage over those who do not. These skills have nothing to do with education, intelligence or experience. They have to do with the pure desire to live in truth and step into your authentic self.

I hope you enjoyed this third blog in a series of four on mastering your mind to heart centered living.