Creating a Healthy Work Environment

As seen in WellBeing Magazine’s Special Edition Good Health Guide (published Sydney, Australia) This article exemplifies corporate energetics interpreted business model by examining the psychology based transference dynamic that goes on in all organisations when not recognised. Transference will distort the thinking and performance of leaders and their subordinates.

Body Mind Psychology

As seen in WellBeing’s Special Edition Good Health Guide This article is a prime example of a Corporate Energetics interpreted business model in that it thoroughly examines the difference between good stress, bad stress and chronic pain that permeates the psycho spiritual, psychosomatic and psychodynamic states of all organisations and their team members.

Body Energy

By: Robert Kirby Your body’s natural beauty is directly related to the vibrancy and strength of your body energy. Stress, fatigue and emotional upsets over a period of time will overwhelm and weaken your energy field. It is not uncommon for people, under duress, to eat junk food on the run, sleep poorly and engage in negative thinking. This stimulates your sympathetic nervous system and causes your body energy to contract. Your immune system may go on holidays which brings on colds, flu, infection or allergy attacks. The skin looks pale, flushed and blemishes may appear. All these symptoms jeopardise your body’s beauty.

Character Styles

By: Robert Kirby Our character styles are a composite of our mind, body, spirit and personality. Their foundation is in place by our fourth birthday and represents both healthy and unhealthy qualities. The scientific and clinical research of three psyshiatrists (Reich, Pierrakos and Lowen) discovered five specific patterns of character that arise within each of us. Each style of character includes both a wounded self and a healthy self.


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