Core Energetics

What is Core Energetics?

In simple terms, Core Energetics looks at how the trauma we experience as children causes us to put up defences and adopt patterns of behaviour which keep us contracted, disempowered and stop us from living our lives to the fullest as adults.

The founder of Core Energetics was the late Dr John Pierrakos, and he explained that:

The moment we break down and transform our defenses, we experience a total flow of energy and love throughout the body, and our consciousness changes.

Let’s think about this some more

As human beings, we’re sensitive specimens. We’re emotional containers and whether we like it or not, we absorb what’s going on around us like a sponge. If we feel unsafe, we’ll put up walls to protect ourselves. In doing this, we close our heart, stop trusting people and block the flow of energy (or “chi”) through our bodies. When our life force is suppressed, it congeals and manifests in a variety of ways as we get older: arthritis, digestion problems, insomnia, anxiety, depression and sexual dysfunction.

“But I had a good childhood!” you might say

It’s not so much that you’ve necessarily had a bad childhood. It’s more the fact that as kids, we’re perceptive but innocent. Life is pretty black and white. As a result, we draw incorrect conclusions about ourselves based on something our parents or friends said or did. Life is an experience-rich journey and we don’t all share the same reality. People’s views of us can combust with our own experiences to cause us to retreat within ourselves, and dim the brilliant light that we were meant shine out to the world.

For example, as a kid, you might have been told to be quiet, sit still, stop crying, and follow the rules. As a result, you were conditioned to believe that being a quiet and exemplary child was the gateway to your parent’s love and affection. Your natural sense of self and expression was quashed and the free flowing presence and joy you had, disappeared.

As a young adult, more things happened – your parents got divorced, you ploughed into the work force, went travelling, met friends, fell upon lovers and entered relationships. Some of these worked out, while others left you either plucking yourself out from the gutter or running for your life to save your sanity. You’ve experienced the highs of joy but along the way have also gotten badly hurt, betrayed, taken on feelings of unworthiness, and maybe even self-hatred.

All of these events that we encounter as we traverse through life, impact us. The problem is that if we continue to suppress our emotions and block our energy flow:

  • our perception of the world stays distorted and we will keep recreating the same situations or relationship dynamics. This will make us feel permanently helpless, frustrated and angry
  • we will get triggered by comments, reactions and situations in life which remind us of the original source of our pain, and this can break up relationships and friendships
  • this constant cycle of anger, resentment and sadness if left unexpressed, can make us mentally unwell and chronically sick
  • we develop a “comfort zone” in which we feel safe, which in fact, constricts our quality of life, sense of fulfilment and self-worth, and destroys our self-esteem because we never step out for fear of failure or getting hurt.

So how does Core Energetics help you dissolve these blocks?

Core Energetics enables you to bring your awareness to the root cause of the negative belief or pain, and get the stuck energy moving so that you can release it, and then replace it with positive energy that you can mobilise in a healthy way.

You do this by engaging a dynamic sequence of kicking, breathing, punching, sounds and trigger words. Your body and mind are given permission to release the layers of anger, mistrust, resentment and fear, and as you do this, you beautifully open your heart and forge your way through life, love and relationships with confidence, purpose, light and joy.