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What is Core Energetics?

In simple terms, Core Energetics looks at how the trauma we experience as children causes us to put up defences and adopt patterns of behaviour which keep us contracted, disempowered and stop us from living our lives to the fullest as adults Core Energetics enables you to bring your awareness to the root cause of the negative belief or pain, and get the stuck energy moving so that you can release it, and then replace it with positive energy that you can mobilise in a healthy way.

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It’s breezy like Sunday morning with Meera Allen

The next best thing to actually being on the beach and drinking in the sunlight, is hanging out by the beach in Bondi Beach Radio’s studio with the delightful Meera Allen. This weekend, on “Manifesting Destiny,” we talk about the importance of self-love, and why being... read more

Talking with Meera Allen of Manifesting Destiny

The delightful Meera Allen is the host of “Manifesting Destiny” on Bondi Beach Radio. In this interview, we spread the love and raise our vibration with a discussion around healing, and a gentle meditation that will leave you feeling aligned, open and connected to... read more
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